Monday, October 29, 2012

The Meaning Of Facebook Timeline For Your Brand

The Facebook Timeline for brands places a greater emphasis on interaction, as well as being more visually oriented than the previous format. One of the features that has proven to be most controversial is the elimination of a landing tab. This feature of Timeline has raised the ire of businesses that have successfully leveraged the format into large numbers of “Likes” and followers.

The format tries to encourage increased engagement between brands and their followers. The Timeline platform does not reward companies who would rather set up a landing page, walk away and forget about it. That style of one-way marketing has never been what social media is about anyway. A business that puts in the time and makes a concerted effort to make a success of the company Timeline will reap the benefits of their work. Once again, interaction is the key to that success.

The most effective method of interacting with your company’s audience is to make your content itself interactive. Some techniques that have proven successful are question and answers, contests, surveys, coupons and videos. These are the types of content that excite people about your brand, keep them as your followers and can convert them into customers. This is extremely important because your page will be visited by new people who may not “Like” your company, but visit and engage anyway. Companies are now unable to “fan-gate” their pages.

Early industry surveys have indicated a dramatic increase in engagement since the Timeline rollout, particularly among brands with fewer than 1 million followers. Companies willing to embrace the Facebook Timeline and complete the necessary legwork to fully integrate with the new features will get much more out of their Facebook experience.

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