Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Social Media Makes Money For Your Business -- Boosting Brand Awareness

In just the last few years, social media marketing has gone from being an attractive option to becoming vitally important for companies. A social media presence has grown to be an essential element for maintaining a high level of brand awareness for businesses of all sizes. In spite of this, there is a hesitation on the part of some businesses to get on board. social media has opened up new possibilities for communication between individuals and organizations. The market is moving forward and embracing social networks; the clock won't turn back.

How Social Media Boosts Brand Awareness

1. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

How a brand is perceived across social media networks is playing an increasingly crucial role in determining how highly a company is ranked by search engines like Google. The more "Likes", retweets and followers a company has, the higher they will be placed in online searches. SMO rankings have become nearly as important as search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. A company without a social media presence is likely to be shut out of many business opportunities due to low search engine rank. By having a robust social media profile, a company increases its brand awareness across a broader spectrum while giving other platforms, such as websites, a lift.

2. Social Media Builds Relationship

Communication between a business and its customer base was largely one way before the advent of social media. Social media's interactive nature has torn down many barriers between the two. The fact that customers can express themselves to a company and receive responses in a timely manner has changed the relationship into a much more friendly and open one. The new relationship builds trust and loyalty toward a brand among their social media followers. Customers' engagement with a brand also takes place before all their friends, adding a viral component into the mix. All of this means that your brand gains tremendous exposure on social media, thereby increasing brand awareness.

3. Social Media Helps Manage Reputations

Whether your business is on social media or not, people are talking about your brand there. That is the nature of commerce in the 21st century. Negative news and comments about a brand can explode across the Internet, especially for a company without the possibility of offering a response. Social media affords brands a venue to monitor and manage their online reputations by resolving problems before they get out of control and go viral.

Companies, both large and small, need social media today in order to keep themselves visible to their customers, in addition to gaining new prospects. The brand awareness boost achieved with social media will also boost a company's bottom line.

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