Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Twitter Techniques -- Lead Your Followers To Other Platforms

In this final segment of a series on techniques for implementing a Twitter strategy for business, we will consider a few techniques designed to lead your loyal Twitter followers to other platforms of your social media marketing campaign.

Creative Use Of Hashtags -

By creatively using hashtags you can lead your followers to your website. For example, followers take pictures of themselves using a company’s product and tag themselves on a map featured on the website with a hashtag. There are many ways to accomplish the goal of getting your followers to cross over to your website. It is only limited by your imagination.

Share Links To Your Blog And Website -

Of course there is the more direct approach of simply sharing a link to other platforms you wish your followers to visit. However, they may not bite, so give them incentives to go where you want to take them. Give special offers for Twitter followers that visit your website and ask them to provide an email address so you can keep in closer touch. Always provide an exclusive offer for followers willing to travel down the path you wish.

Tweet Blog Links More Than Once A Day -

Your followers are probably already interested in hearing what you have to say, so tweet them a link to your blog every time you post. In case they missed the tweet, hit them again a few more times that day. Do not go too far with the tweets, just a few times. You don’t want to appear like spam, but still give them the opportunity to reach your content. Twitter, if handled carefully, can be used as an engine to drive traffic to all your other content and social media sites.

Hopefully you have found some interestingly useful advice in this series and techniques to better leverage Twitter for your social media campaigns.

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