Friday, October 12, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 10/12/12

Social Media Myths Worth Debunking

As businesses have been coming to terms with understanding the impact of social media many myths have arisen. Dispelling these myths will help companies fully grasp the potential for growth available to them when using social networks for marketing purposes. Full Story Here: 

What's a Facebook Follower Worth?

Many businesses are questioning the value of Facebook followers in the wake of the network's Promoted Post program. Companies are being asked to pay a fee to have their posts promoted beyond the average 16% of users who see them. Some small business owners have complained their fans have been devalued, while others have clearly benefited from the program. Full Story Here: 

Social Media Secrets from Savvy Small Business Owners

Resourceful business owners have learned what it takes to successfully leverage social media into growth for their companies. In a survey conducted by the firms, Vocus and Duct Tape Marketing, 90% of small businesses say they have benefited from their social media efforts. A few companies have shared what they learned. Full Story Here: 

How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media

Business Insider's recent Social Media ROI conference in New York tackled the state of social media in 2012 and how companies can see a return on their investment in the medium. The most informative and beneficial speakers are gathered here on video. Full Story Here: 

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