Thursday, May 2, 2013

Driving Restaurant Revenue With Social Media - Part 8 - Google

Google launched it’s own social network offering in June 2011. After struggling through its first 18 months, the search engine’s social media network, Google , appears to be gaining traction. As 2013 began, the network had 135 million active users. Google has unveiled a series of feature additions and upgrades, while parent Google has been unsubtly encouraging this to be the year it really takes off. 


Google Local

One of the feature additions of interest to restaurants was the launch of Google Local. This is a location-based tool for scores and recommendations from other Google users. This feature alone is reason enough for food and beverage establishments to set up an account, to stay abreast of and respond to what is being said about their brand. This new feature and others such as, Google Communities, are designed to make the network more useful to individuals and businesses.


Google Communities

Similar to Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, Google Communities is a gathering place for people with similar interests to share information about their specific passions. found via the bar on the left hand side and hosted through Google , topic Communities can be searched for and found. New Communities can be created as well. This feature provides an excellent way to keep up with food & beverage industry information and engagement with industry leaders and peers.


Google Circles

When Google was first launched it was only for individuals, but it soon allowed brands to set up their own business pages. The rules for pages are different from profiles most significantly in that business pages cannot “Circle” and then communicate with profiles until those individuals have chosen to circle the page. Circles on Google works in the same way as “liking” on Facebook or “following” on Twitter. This means it is vitally important for success on Google to include 1 buttons on your restaurant’s website and ask to be included in their circles. An advantage of Google for brands is the lack of an algorithm along the lines of Facebook’s Edgerank. This means anybody who has included your establishment in their circles will see everything you post.

The growth of Google is now making a presence there essential for the food and beverage industry. In addition, the search engine optimization (SEO) gains from being on Google’s social network can only prove beneficial as well.


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