Friday, May 17, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 5/17/13

Google I/O 2013 Is All About Cleaning Up the Mess and Filling In the Gaps

The Google I/O conference this week in San Francisco did not result in any new hardware product announcements, but was focused instead on providing better tools for app developers and Web service improvements with new features. Google changes include a new Pinterest-like interface and improved photo editing tools. Also a separate Google Hangouts app for Android and iOS was announced as well. Full Story Here:

Don’t let social media negativity get you down - use it to improve business

While social media can sometimes be a risky medium for brands, since people can say ugly things with anonymity, the alternative is much worse. Not having any presence on social networks will leave your business vulnerable, since your brand may be talked about anyway, without your knowledge and ability to respond. Close monitoring of the discussions, followed by careful and restrained responses to negative comments, can actually help your business grow in the long run. Full Story Here:

3 ways social media can accelerate business development

Effective use of social media can quicken the pace of business growth by providing a larger number of sale prospects, of a higher quality, within a shorter period of time. Also, this is accomplished by a means which is outside of more tradition cold-selling techniques, which is appealing to both customers and the company as well. Full Story Here:

Google Hangouts Merge Mobile, Social Media Marketing

Google Hangouts is emerging as a leader in the convergence of social media marketing  and mobile technology. The service provided by Google , allows up to nine users to video conference together with streaming live to a larger audience possible. Google has now made this feature available to users via their mobile devices, while using the Google platform as its base. This opens new possibilities for mobile marketing through providing customers with live video content anywhere. Full Story Here:

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