Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tumblr For Business - Why Your Business Should Be On Tumblr

Many companies have taken the plunge into the social media realm and have seen success with their Facebook and Twitter accounts alongside a blog written on either Blogger or WordPress. If that scenario fits your company you may be wondering - What else can I do to expand my reach even further with social media? Consider Tumblr as a next step.

The micro-blogging and social media site has really taken off the last few years, hitting the 100 million blog mark in March of 2013. That is up from 50 million in April of 2012, according to The Next Web. Of course, you need to determine if your audience has a presence on this platform before diving in. ComScore reported the predominant age of Tumblr users to be between 18 and 34 (46.5%) and male (52%). If those figures fall into a sizable portion of your target audience, here are some other reasons to try Tumblr for expanding your social reach:


 Tumblr is easy to use - The Tumblr interface is extremely simple and straightforward. Your page can be set up and you can be on your way within minutes.

 Tumblr is low cost - You can save money by not having to pay for a domain name. There are also a large variety of custom themes available for your page, most of them free or for very little cost.

 Tumblr has a viral element - Users can share your content by “re-blogging” it and each time your posts are re-blogged, your company will be cited as being the original source of the information. In this way Tumblr can really help your business expand your social presence.


Another factor to keep in mind about Tumblr is its visual nature, as half of its content are images. If your products and services lend themselves well to visual treatment and you have access to high quality images related to your company, then Tumblr could be an effective platform for your social marketing efforts.

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