Thursday, May 9, 2013

Google Plus For Business - Part 3 - How To Use Google Plus For Business

The power of Google alone makes having a Google Plus business page a worthwhile time and energy investment. In part two, we looked at some other compelling reasons. The features unique to the Google Plus platform can also work to your company’s advantage. Here are some ways to leverage Google Plus to the benefit of your business.


1 - Link Your Google Plus Posts

A great feature of Google Plus is that the platform gives you the ability to link your post’s URLs. By clicking the arrow in the upper right hand corner, you can link the post anywhere. By doing so you can drive traffic from your other platforms to your Google Plus page.


2 - Link Google Plus To Your Other Platforms

Google Plus allows you to customize your links and place them where they will be most effective, right alongside your stream. Just click the “Custom Links” button to the right and your followers will be able to easily go to any of your other platforms. Be sure to link your website, Facebook page and Twitter profile. Also place “G ” buttons on those platforms to bring followers to your Google Plus page.


3 - Classify Your Followers With Google Circles

The unique to Google Plus “Circles” feature provides one of the platforms decided advantages over other social networks. You have the ability to classify and organize your followers into their own groups or “Circles”. Having the capability to selectively target your marketing messages to specific segments of your base of followers is a powerful tool provided by Google Plus.

There are constant reports of the demise of Google Plus. This is not going to happen. The platform is growing at a tremendous rate, especially in recent months. With 343 million active users as of April 2013, Google Plus is a social network your business can’t afford to ignore.

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