Thursday, May 16, 2013

OnFast Promotions - Sweepstakes

Contests, sweepstakes, and quizzes are extremely popular with consumers and have always been useful tools for connecting brands with their customers, even in the days before social media. For a business looking for more interaction between their brand and the fans, promotional contests, sweepstakes, or quizzes can increase engagement levels significantly, while at the same time expanding the fan base.

OnFast, as part of our all-in-one social marketing solution, provides a helpful tool for our business customers to create, post, and manage their own promotions across their social networks and blogs. In addition to coupons, which we looked at previously in a previous blog, OnFast provides functionality for contests, sweepstakes, and quiz promotional types. This can all be accomplished from within the user’s OnFast account. Promotion type specific Facebook applications are provided as well, so your fans and participants can keep up with all the latest promotional offerings from your company, right on your Facebook page.

Let's take a look at how easy it is to create and manage a sweepstakes promotion right from your OnFast account. The OnFast tool provides all of the functions needed by the user, from a simple and easy to use one page creation screen (see below). Here all details of your sweepstakes can be entered, including a description of the promotion, number of participants allowed, along with starting and ending dates & times. There are places to upload your company’s logo and any other images you choose to include in the posting. Space is available for your business address and also check boxes for the selection of all the information requested from your participants.

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