Friday, May 3, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 5/3/13

Americans Addicted to Social Media

A survey released by the consumer and business credit reporting company, Experian, states that Americans are spending more of the online time on social media than anywhere else on the internet. According to the study, Americans are on social sites for 16 minutes of every hour spent on line. After social media is entertainment websites at 9 minutes per online hour and online shopping at 5 minutes. Americans also lead the world in social media usage, with users in the U.K. at 13 minutes and Australia at 14 minutes on average. Full Story Here:

How to recognize the risks social media pose to your company

As business use of social media has risen, some level of risk with this usage has become clearly apparent to most companies. The management of company reputation, potential release of confidential information, and the danger of employees speaking on behalf of the business are just a few of the risks encountered by companies on social media. The key to minimizing these, and any other risks, is for businesses to have a clearly developed social media strategy along with solid employee use policies. Full Story Here:

Social Media and Web 2.0: Tech that makes a Difference

The combination of social media networks and the technological advances of Web 2.0 are making a fundamentally positive influence on business at large. A report by the analytical firm, Gartner, found developments in these two areas have had a profound impact across all industries. This has brought about positive change to businesses of all sizes. Full Story Here:

Celent Survey Shows Social Media Increases Traction in Insurance Industry

Use of social media by the insurance industry has gained a strong footing in North America, according to a study by Celent and Locke Lord, LLP. The report found that 80 percent of insurers are currently using social media in their conduction of business. Of the 20 percent who are not, 45 percent plan on implementing social during the course of the next year. Full Story Here:

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