Monday, May 13, 2013

OnFast Coupons and Coupon Builder App

Everyone knows consumers love feeling like they are getting a deal and of course; merchants live to make a sale. So the rise of social coupon sites, such as Groupon, should not have been such a surprise. What also shouldn’t be surprising is the downfall of those sites, following their initial meteoric impact. Ultimately, these social coupon offers have left the merchants losing serious revenue. For the largely one-time only customers they gain from the offers, they have to give up to 50% of what is already a discounted price, to the social coupon site.

OnFast, the all-in-one social marketing solution, provides a better answer to your business equation. An important component of OnFast’s solution is our Coupon Builder and companion Coupon Builder App for mobile devices. This provides the merchant with the functionality to easily and quickly, create and distribute discount and promotional coupons to their customers. These coupons can be effectively presented to customers across the social networks where they gather, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, or found on your blog. They can even be exported for your own email distribution. With OnFast’s convenient scheduling tool, the coupons can be sent out for immediate distribution or scheduled for release at a later date and time. Remember, not all of your customers and prospects are on social media networks, so coupons can be put directly on your website as well.

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