Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Driving Restaurant Revenue With Social Media - Part 7 - YouTube

The video sharing social media network, YouTube, is the third most visited website on the planet, after Google and then Facebook. After being bought by Google, YouTube has one of the most powerful search engines, second only to its parent company. YouTube is another platform well suited to the food and beverage industry with its visual orientation. Only a restauranteur’s sense of imagination and level of creativity limit what can be accomplished with video marketing via YouTube.

Videos on YouTube can become extremely viral due to the nature of the medium. An important factor in what can make a video go viral is the fact that YouTube videos can be embedded across a wide spectrum of social media networks and websites. With billions of views every day, YouTube offers a potentially immense audience.


Here are a few tips to give your videos the best chance to be seen by a large audience:


1. Compelling Content

Just like all the other social networks, content is crucial. Videos of your current dinner specials are not going to gain much of your audience’s attention. But a video of your head chef revealing a culinary secret used in creating that special will grab their attention, and maybe inspire them to share it with their friends. Another factor of vital importance is the title of the video - this is how it will be found. Keywords in the title can take people where you want them to go. These words can be tagged to videos as well. Also, make sure all of your other social network accounts are fully linked with your YouTube channel.


2. Keep It Brief

You only have a very short window to gain and hold people’s attention span. The vast majority of YouTube videos are less than 5 minutes in length. If your subject requires more time to be fully covered, break it up into several smaller parts. This is a common technique on YouTube.


3. Show Your Character

When your brand signs up for YouTube, the network automatically generates a channel for your videos. There is plenty of room for creativity here as well, with many options for customization. Make your channel reflect the unique character of your establishment and highlight what sets it apart. Once you are up and running, don’t forget that YouTube is a social network and your audience expects interaction and engagement. Monitor and respond to comments left by users, just as you would on any other social platform.

YouTube has provided a tremendous platform, one where virtually anybody can be seen as if on television. In the next part in this series we will look at the advantages offered by Google to the restauranteur. 

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