Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Socil Media News For The Week Of 5/24/13

Social Media Reacts To Yahoo’s Deal With Tumblr

Announced this past week was the acquisition by Yahoo of the social media network Tumblr. The deal, worth $1.1 billion, has received mixed reactions across social media with Tumblr users leaning toward the negative. Their concern is that Yahoo’s “mediocrity” will be the ruin of Tumblr. It was stated in the announcement that Tumblr founder, David Karp, will keep much of his control over the network. Full Story Here:

How Social Media is Changing the Way We Buy and Sell Homes

The real estate industry is being transformed by social media. Home buyers are searching through social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to find the home of their dreams. Sellers are learning how the medium can help them gain maximum exposure for their property. This is happening despite the fact that only 56% of realtors, many of whom really need to catch up, are using social media in their marketing efforts. Full Story Here:

Ask the Mompreneur: Selling through social media

The convergence of social media and e-commerce is driving the steady increases being garnered by online retail sales, according to Jennie Wong, author of the e-book “Ask the Mompreneur”. Social media referrals to online retail sites doubled between 2011 and 2012, according to the Adobe Digital Index. The figures,which stand at 4 percent for 2013, are projected to be 16 percent by 2015. Full Story Here:

Study: 78% Of Salespeople Using Social Media Outsell Their Peers

A study conducted by social sales expert, Jim Keenan, found that 78.6 percent of sales people using social media outsold their counterparts who have not integrated social networks into their sales strategy. Among those who exceeded their sales quota, social media users were 23 percent more successful. The use of social media by sales people appears to not be a time consuming process either, with over 50 percent of the social network users reporting that it takes up less than 10 percent of their time. Full Story Here:

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