Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finding Easy Blog Content - Accounting

At first glance, accounting may seem like a difficult subject to blog about. As an accountant you may think it would be a struggle to come up with content for the blog. However, there is much useful and interesting information an accountant can provide to a blog audience. Here are a few content ideas to get started with.

Tax Law News and Developments

Keep your clients and blog audience abreast of all the latest tax law changes and developments. Explain how tax code changes can affect their tax liability, bottom line, and future well-being.

Tax Tips and Pointers

You should offer tax tips and general pointers to your audience so they will find your blog engaging and useful.  Avoid providing too much technical detail information that won't be easily understood. Remember, your goal is to be helpful and subtly show off your expertise to attract new clients.

Undoubtedly, you already know the general type of questions people commonly ask accountants. To this end, put together some frequently asked questions and answer them in easily understood language that paints you as a helpful communicator.

Financial Planning and Investment Advice

Once again keep the information general and don't go into too much detail. Point out to your blog audience the information offered is never meant to be a substitute for professional, individualized guidance, and advice. Stimulate your audience so they see the value of the services you provide as a tax expert and certified public accountant.

Once you start an accounting blog you will probably find there is more to write about than is immediately apparent. A well written blog can help establish your firm as an expert in the accounting field and bring in new clients seeking your advice and guidance.

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