Friday, July 20, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 7/20/12

?The Tyranny of the OR' For Social Media Marketing

Businesses frequently make the mistake of asking the question of which social media platform is right for them. Instead they should engage on a variety of platforms based on the objectives of their marketing campaign. The choice should not be simply A or B. Full Story Here:

How American Airlines Gets Social Media Right

American Airlines provides an example of how an airline, or any large company for that matter, can use social media effectively to engage with their customers and keep them informed. The company accomplishes this by always treating their followers as people with a friendly and human style. The airline also quickly responds to questions and concerns from their audience, often proactively initiating interaction. Full Story Here:

Protect Your Company From Social Media Mayhem

With companies increasingly embracing the use of social media to market their businesses, it is vitally important for them to develop and adopt solid legal policies regarding its use. Specific boundaries must be established for employees for the company's protection. Full Story Here:

5 Unmissable Benefits of Social Media for Business (Including Infographic)

The vast majority of the population now is regularly active on various social media networks, where they enjoy the fun of keeping up with their friends or families, tell others about what is happening in their lives, and share pictures. There are benefits to businesses who engage the ready made audience on social platforms. Full Story Here:

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