Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Creating An Effective LinkedIn Company Profile

With over a 150 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has become an essential social media network for companies to market themselves. The challenge a business faces while marketing on LinkedIn is how to sell their products and services without the using hard-sell approach. Marketing efforts made through LinkedIn must embrace the more subtle and indirect methodology of this unique network.

Since the interaction on LinkedIn is intended to be about professional networking rather than direct selling, the network has provided a segment of the website for companies to promote themselves and their products and services called the company profile. An effective profile on LinkedIn can raise a company's standing on search engines, while also driving up website traffic and increasing the brand's presence online. A company profile must be filled out completely and thoroughly so as to maximize its impact.

Here are some features of an effective LinkedIn company profile:

  •  Company logo
  •  Company blog feed
  •  Link to company website
  •  Company overview containing industry keyword enhanced text
  •  Use of videos and images


Another feature added by LinkedIn more recently is called Services. The Services tab enables a company to showcase all their products and services. On each page of this section businesses are allowed to promote special offers related to individual products or services. Embedded images and videos can be particularly effective on the Services pages.

Joining LinkedIn's Certified Developer program can highlight the credibility of company's products and services. Companies must be recommended to join this directory, but can request recommendation from others in their network.

LinkedIn is offering companies enhanced promotional capabilities and tools to showcase their talents in new ways. A vital key to leveraging LinkedIn as part of your company's overall strategy is to create an effectively comprehensive company profile.

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