Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finding Easy Blog Content - Banking


In today's rough economic times banking information and advice is in high demand.  Now is the time to be a serious influence in the market and win over new readers to your blog. Hopefully, if you satisfy the audiences' insatiable need for relevant information you'll win over some new customers in the process. Here are some ideas for banks to blog about.


Financial News and Its Impact

A summary of financial news, both local and national is a good start. Information about how the news may impact your bank's customers and the local community at large will generate interest. Cast yourself as the trusted source for people to find out how they may be affected by financial events in the world around them.

Customer Success Stories

Write about anonymous case studies of people and businesses that successfully mastered their financial challenges with your bank's help. Most banks have positive success stories that will serve as role models for others to follow.

Banking Policies and Regulations

There is a treasure trove of relevant information already available to you that you use every day to service your customers. In plain, simple, and easily understood language make doing business with your bank enjoyable. This is fertile territory for the" How-To" instructional blog post.

How The Bank Is Making A Difference

Post stories of how the bank is investing in the local community and successfully making a difference. Write about new businesses that have started with the help of bank resources. Cross promote local business customers the bank serves. In addition, blog posts about the philanthropic efforts and charities the bank supports make for wonderfully compelling content.

Customer Polls

Everybody likes to be asked what their opinion is of various topics of interest. Conduct polls of what the bank's customers think about everything from the bank itself, to the financial news and issues affecting the local area.

Remember, even though your bank operates in a precise numbers world your customers are looking for the kinder, gentler, human side of the business that they can relate to. Your customers don't see themselves as numbers.  When blogging; "it's all about the customer"

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