Monday, July 2, 2012

Promoting Your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are different than profiles. A Profile is for an individual person, whereas a page is a focus point for all the applicable information about your company.  An overview of your company, website links, and business contact information are a few of the more important things you can display.

The major benefit of a page on Facebook is that it's easy to update and visible from search engines, much like a website.

For the most part, websites require technical expertise from a web developer. Small changes can be costly and take time to implement. It's not uncommon to see stale information on websites due to these complications. Facebook's ease-of-use features remove this complication barrier for the non-technical user.

The thorny issue about Facebook Pages is that you can't "friend" a Page the way you can "friend" a profile. People can elect to become "fans" of your business page once they find it.

This gives rise to an important issue. You've got to spread the word and introduce people to your business Facebook page. Every chance you get, you need to invite people to become a "Fan." You should include your Facebook link on your website and all social media posts. In addition, include your link in all of your e-mails and publish it predominately on all of your printed material, including staff business cards.

To get meaningful results, spend some time at regular intervals to make interesting status posts and update the content on your Facebook business page. It won't be long before you start to see an increase in fans.

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