Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding Easy Blog Content - Legal

A creative and effective legal blog has almost limitless topics that can be covered. Busy attorneys may not feel they have time for blogging, but hunting for content should not be a big problem. Here are some compelling content ideas to start blogging about for your law firm.

Questions and Answers

This can actually be done two ways; either allows people to submit questions or answer the most frequently asked questions that you hear from your clients. Both techniques make for interesting blogs and it wouldn't be a bad idea to cover it both ways.

Legal Tips and Advice

General legal information and advice that readers will find helpful are always popular topics for blogs written by law firms. Showing your knowledge, expertise and experience in your blog may help you gain future clients and retain the ones you have. Information provided in the blog must be generalized and non-specific, but within those boundaries there is much for an attorney to write about. Remind the blog audience that the information provided is never a substitute for personal legal counsel from a qualified attorney.

Legal Myths and Misconceptions

There are many legal myths and pre-conceived misconceptions people have about the law and their legal rights. Take on the commonly held myths and explain how the law really affects the daily lives of everyone.

The Law In The News

Examine for your blog audience famous cases from the news and give your analysis of these cases. Analyze legal decisions made by higher courts and how those decisions apply to your audience. Give your opinion and invite feedback from the readers of your blog. This will promote interaction and engagement with your audience that will help the blog grow and expand its reach and impact.

A well written legal blog can raise the level of influence your law firm has in the community. Your blog can also help establish your firm as an expert in your field and bring new clients seeking your counsel and representation.

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