Monday, July 9, 2012

Who's in control here?

Businesses should be concerned with the growing number of personal electronic gadgets that workers are bringing from home for use in the business place.

3G & 4G devices are increasingly being used in the work place to access social tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for both business and personal reasons.

It's not uncommon for employees to take it upon themselves to use their own personal smartphones to conduct job related activities on the behalf of their employer. These noble efforts are seemingly justified under the umbrella of multitasking.

More troubling is that employees are creating social media accounts on behalf of their employer without prior approval or direction from their management. Even if companies haven't decided to use social networking tools, many of their workers are already using them for business purposes.
Without proper direction, companies may find themselves in the middle of an identity crisis when well-meaning employees just start using social networks for business purposes.

We see this scenario frequently playing out in the hospitality industry. It's not uncommon to find a hotel on Facebook with multiple, similar pages. In many cases, management is unaware of the problem. Often, employees that have since left the hotel's employment created these sites. Worse yet is that passwords and sign-on information have walked out the door with the former employee. There is no easy way to remedy the confusing labyrinth of monikers.

To take control and remedy the problem, companies are beginning to recognize the dilemma and they are laying down formal social media guidelines to enable their employees to work more collaboratively and synergistically. Clearly defined business policies are being put in place so that the business presents a consistent professional image. Most importantly, social media responsibilities are being consolidated and assigned to the proper authorized resources within the organization.

Is your business in control of its social presence and does it have a consistent identity across all social channels?

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