Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creating An Effective Company Twitter Profile


For your company to be successful using Twitter it is imperative to set up an effective company profile. Taking the time to strongly establish your brand presence in your profile is a crucial first step on the way to reaching your goals for this marketing platform. A well built profile will attract more people to follow your company on Twitter and also draw attention to your website. The most effective company Twitter profiles feature:

 A Profile Picture -

A picture is absolutely essential and must be done immediately. You don't want people to see the Twitter default egg as your company's profile picture. Would you follow any profile without a picture or company logo? Your company will look like nothing more than a spammer without an image in place of the default egg.

 Your Company Name -

Use your own name for an individual or company name. People need to know who you are and whom they are engaging with.

 Location -

This is especially important for a local business that customers may visit or call, not as important for online companies.

Website URL -

Don't pass up a chance to promote your website or even your company Facebook page. You can even set up your Tweets to automatically post to Facebook.

A Short Company Bio -

Just like Tweets you are limited to 140 characters here, but this is another convenient place for a little self-promotion.

These are just a few easy but necessary steps to accomplish your objectives for your company's Twitter profile. A fully developed profile not only looks more professional but will draw more interest in what your business has to say on this social media network.

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