Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Should I Blog About?

Most business owners start a business because they have a passion and a vision. Determined entrepreneurs believe they can achieve success by providing a product or service at a fair price better than anyone else.

To this end, businesses wishing to broadcast their merits must consider all forms of advertising and the appropriate fit of each. Some methods work better than others but none compare to on-line social media when it comes to the shear numbers of reach.

When considering social media, many businesses draw on their experience working with professional web designers and developers. Often this effort produced iteration after iteration of proofs over weeks or months until a "go-live" version could be agreed upon.

In today's real time, 24/7 environment the luxury of time to craft a message has disappeared. Further, business owners themselves most likely will have to compose the message. These demands give rise to a scenario where business owners must quickly think on their feet, create content, and react immediately.

If you are one struggling with "what to Blog?" I encourage you to go back to the reasons you started your business and ask yourself what need are you fulfilling. Focus on your audience and determine how you can help them.

Here are some popular subjects to consider when writing your post.
  • Local Events
  • Share information and relevant content
  • Ask for input about your website or social media channels
  • Share a video or photo
  • Promote a worthwhile cause or charity
  • Specials on products & services
  • Recognize another business or person in the community
  • Re-Post someone else's content with attribution
  • Share tricks & Tips
  • Give feedback on FAQ's
  • Recognize holidays and birthdays
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