Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogger Tips For Business - Being Consistent

When you are writing and posting a company blog, consistency is a critically important factor in determining its success. Being consistent and also timely will make your audience see that your blog is something they can count on to produce useful information on a regular basis. There are a few aspects of the consistency and timing of your blog that need to be seriously considered.

Schedule Your Blogs - Schedule your blogs to be posted at the same time everyday. Mid-morning is a good time, but certainly not written in stone. Whatever time you select (9 am for example) should be when all of your posts go out, each and every time you post. You should also post a blog frequently, daily if possible. There are a variety of online tools available to streamline the chore of scheduling blog posts in advance.

Offer A Consistent Company Viewpoint - This is absolutely essential if your blog is written by more than one person in the organization. All of the blog's contributors need to be on the same page when it comes to every facet of company information posted. Whether the content is product or service related, news, opinion or instructional it has to come from one company voice. Your blog, over time, should tell the company's story uniformly. Something else related to your blog contributors to think about is access to the blog account. Don't let the writer of your blog move on from the company, taking the password with them, leaving their successor without access. This has happened to businesses.

Be Ready To Pivot - Timing can be everything in all marketing endeavors. Keep your ear to the ground and your finger on the pulse of your industry. Don't be so rigid in the writing and posting of the company blog that you fail to capitalize on important developments.

Your company's overall marketing strategy can be reinforced by a well thought out and planned blog presenting a clear and consistent message of value to your audience.

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