Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FourSquare For Business - Part 1 - What Is FourSquare?

Over the course of the last several years an application for mobile phones called FourSquare has emerged, and it has huge implications for many businesses. The app is location-based and utilizes the GPS capabilities of smart phones to allow users to "check-in" wherever they are. The check-in system allows users to earn points toward rewards at many of the businesses they patronize. According to their website, FourSquare has over 20 million registered users as of April 2012.

The FourSquare mobile app not only allows users to check-in at locations but also gives them the ability to see the places their friends, who are fellow users, have been or are currently located. Users can make recommendations and tips for particular business locations they have visited such as retail stores, restaurants or local events. FourSquare has a search option to help users find possible check-in locations in the area of their current location. If a user finds a specific place they would like to check-in at, they can add it to FourSquare's database.

FourSquare has a competitive aspect for its users as well. Users earn "badges" for the number of times they have checked-in at a certain place; for example, a blue and silver trophy badge for 25 check-ins. The most prized award available to users is to be declared the "mayor" of a certain location, earned by having the most check-ins there in the last 60 days. Businesses can encourage people to check-in at their location by offering special deals and discounts for users who frequent their business. The check-in can be a tool for companies to incentivize customers for repeat visits and gain their loyalty.

FourSquare has really taken off in popularity alongside the explosion of smart phones and other mobile devices in recent years. FourSquare provides any business that involves customers coming to their physical location with a marketing grand slam. In part 2 we will see just why your business should be on FourSquare.

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