Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Create Coupons Easily With OnFast's Coupon Tool

OnFast provides a simple and quick way to create and distribute coupons through your blog and social network channels.

Once logged in, to create and schedule a new coupon, select "Coupons," either directly from the "Home" screen, or by clicking "Campaigns" from the left menu and then selecting "Coupons."  This will take you to the "Coupons" list screen where you will see a table of all your current coupon activity. The table lists the start and end date of coupons, titles of each coupon, number of coupons that have been redeemed, the number of coupons offered, an option to generate an email link for each coupon, as well as details, preview, edit and delete options.
If you do not have any coupons scheduled you can get started by pressing the "Add new" button.

This will take you to the "Coupons" screen. From this screen you can then enter the start and expiration dates of your coupon, the number of coupons to be distributed, the coupon title, the coupon offer details, the coupon rules or limits, and the channels to which you'd like to distribute (see below). Make sure that your offer is keyword-rich by using the search engine optimization (SEO) keyword meter tool below the offer box.

Images may be added, either from the OnFast image gallery or by uploading one. A QR code to be scanned for redemption can be included on your coupon by checking "Include QR code on coupon".
Click on the "Coupon Preview" button to see what your coupon will look like when your customers print them. When you are finished, click the "Submit" button to schedule your coupon for distribution. Your coupons will show up on your social and blog channels on the start date you've chosen, ready for customers to redeem them.

The coupons list screen will now show your coupon offer in the list. The "Details" button will bring up a pop-up box showing all of your specific coupon details for each offer. The "Preview" button pops up a preview of the coupon as your customers will see it. The email icon generates an email link that can be pasted into any emails you send out so that your customers can redeem your coupons via email. As long as your coupon is still valid, the "Edit" button allows you to edit and make changes to the coupon offer. If the coupon has not yet been posted, the trash can button will delete the offer. Above the coupon list box there are buttons to refresh the screen, get a coupon feed for your website, and a button to take you to "Coupon" screen to create a new coupon offer.

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