Thursday, May 24, 2012

Building a Successful Social Media Campaign Strategy

Successful social media campaigns require a prudent strategy to generate the type of feedback, interaction, and the ultimate sales you're pursuing. Here are some pointers to help you build a successful campaign:

First, choose the person in your organization that will be in charge of all your social efforts. Spreading responsibilities by message type or channel only leads to confusion and inconsistency. In some cases, you may be forced to choose more than one person. If this happens to be the case, assure that all responsibilities are clearly delineated and a firm schedule for your posting activity is established.

Your second consideration is to carefully choose which social channels you want to target. Before you start, determine which sites your customer base frequent and where are they spend the majority of their time. Also, pay close attention to the two-way dialogue. You want to associate with a site that attracts active and engaging participants.

Next, plan on how you will get the conversation started. You should post information, stimulating questions, or requests for help with the intent of encouraging a relationship building conversation. If someone posts a complaint about one of your products or services respond immediately. Try to fix the problem in the most amenable way possible. Take responsibility and don't place blame. Remember, others are watching how you will respond and they'll make judgments about you and your business based on what they see.

Lastly, and most often overlooked, establish a formal posting schedule and stick to it. Consider grouping your posts into categories such a FAQ's, How-to's, or technical questions. With predictable regularity, post articles within the topical category on the same day of each week. With OnFast you can create your posts and schedule their release in advance. You readers will become accustomed to your structure and look forward to your posts with curiosity.
Good luck! We wish you success with your social media campaign.

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