Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tips for Naming Your Business Blog

1.  Your blog name needs to be easy to pronounce, should sound good when said aloud, and be relatively easy to remember. Although not always possible, your first choice should be to use your business name or website name to avoid conflicts and confusion.

2.  Try to use words that convey what your business is about. For example: "Bob's Chicken",  "Riverside Inn", "Naples Auto Parts", or "Larry's Computer Service."  Vague abstract names that don't relate to your business won't succeed in attracting followers. For example: "Blue Air", "The Market", "Real Shop", "Our Place", "Ben's Barn."

 3.  Avoid cryptic spellings and symbols. "Pete's-a Place", "All ?Bout Karz", "Burg-r Place", "Blu-Jean Palace", Koffee-n-Kake", "Shopz @ the River."

4.  Avoid initials unless you are IBM or 3M. Examples: "RL's Gun Shop", "IM-A-Taxi", "Z Blog", "4UI Blog"

5.  Use specifics that explain what your business is about ? Restaurant, attorney, Accounting, Cleaners, Service, Computer

6.  Check to see if your name is being used. If you are a new company you might want to check to see if the name you have chosen has been trademarked.

7.  Test your name using Google AdWords.  AdWords searches with the name you are considering can ensure there isn't a similar name already in use that will cause confusion. Similar names can siphon off the audience you are trying to attract.

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