Friday, May 4, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 5/4/12

Social Media Is Key For Marketers (But Not How You Might Think)

Wired magazine held a business conference in New York where the social media marketing boom was discussed. Guest speaker Curtis Hougland, CEO of the PR firm Attention, talked about the myths surrounding the use of social media for marketing purposes and how companies should change strategies to be more effective going forward. Full Story Here: 

What's Next In Social Media

A blogger for Forbes magazine and social media expert, Shel Israel, identifies and talks about developing trends which businesses need to give their attention. Shel provides a summary of what is coming next for social media and business. Full Story Here: 

Social Media Raises The Stakes For Customer Service

Social media is giving consumers the power to express their frustration with companies who don't measure up to their customer service expectations. A survey conducted by American Express found consumers who use social media are more likely to tell others about a bad service experience. They also will spend more with companies who meet or exceed their expectations, making these consumers highly influential. Full Story Here: 

Survey Finds Nearly 60 Percent of Businesses in the US and UK Use Twitter and Facebook for Customer Service

A study conducted by thinkJar and Sword Ciboodle, customer relations experts, found 60% of companies have adopted social media sites for their customer service efforts. The survey went on to find larger companies were earlier adopters than smaller firms. Full Story Here: 

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