Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FourSquare For Business - Part 2 - Why Your Business Should Be On FourSquare

Businesses whose customers physically come to their location should be excited about FourSquare. The location-based mobile phone application and social network has grown in usage to over 20 million, as reported by the FourSquare website recently. If that figure alone has not convinced you, here are some reasons your business should be on FourSquare.

FourSquare Gets your Business Noticed

Whenever a FourSquare user logs in, they see all of the participating businesses on a map of the area in which they are currently located. They may be looking for a great place to eat or where they were supposed to meet their friends for a drink, but they will see your business on the map as well. If they need or want what your business provides, they will be reminded and may go to your location.

FourSquare Drives in New Customers

After your business creates a free account on FourSquare, you can set up special offers for customers who check-in at your venue. Anytime those customers are near your location, they will receive a message telling them about the current offers and deals you have for them if they check-in. If they do check-in, all of their friends will know about their check-in and the special deal they are getting at your business. Those friends may then be encouraged to check-in with you too.

FourSquare Drives Back Existing Customers

Your customers can provide valuable information which will help retain them and keep them coming back. FourSquare users have the ability to leave tips and recommendations for their friends and other users about your business. You can learn what they really think about your products and services. This empowers you to correct any issues that you need to address. If you link your Facebook and Twitter to your FourSquare account, an even clearer picture will be provided and give you a way to respond directly.

For any business that relies on their customer base to be physically present at their venue, FourSquare offers a remarkable tool for bringing in happy customers and keeping them loyal, as long as it is utilized properly. In part 3 of this series we will see what techniques have proven effective for using FourSquare for business.

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