Monday, May 21, 2012

LinkedIn Techniques For Business - Part 2

Join As Many Groups As Possible And Interact With Them

Joining only one or two groups will limit your social presence. Join as many relevant groups as possible. LinkedIn groups can be an effective way to get marketing exposure for your company. Interacting and engaging in group discussions or sharing information that is relevant to the others in the group is a way of indirectly marketing your business.

Don't forget that you're on LinkedIn to help people. Selling is not LinkedIn's main purpose. Connecting with others through group discussions, interacting with questions and answers, and joining in the conversation between fellow professionals that have similar interests is the purpose of the network. Be willing and available to help others with answers to their questions. Assist people in your network by providing advice for those whose career path may be at an earlier stage than your own. Give guidance, when asked, to the less experienced in your field or area of expertise.

You never know when somebody you help will become a client or customer in the future. If you present yourself as an expert in your industry, your connections and in-turn their connections, may approach your company when a need arises. By proving you are a knowledgeable authority in your company's industry, you will come across as a helpful friend rather than a salesman.

To make sure you are on top of the current discussions in your groups, sign up for each participant's daily digest. If you have joined many groups, as suggested, only subscribe to a weekly digest. When you get the email update, take the opportunity to read it and then dive into the conversation on the site and engage.

Use your expertise and experience to show off your company in a creative way. Groups provide an excellent pathway for leveraging customers from among your LinkedIn connections.

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