Monday, May 28, 2012

LinkedIn Techniques For Business - Part 3

Be More Open To Making New Connections

Joining as many relevant LinkedIn groups as possible and interacting with them will open up many possibilities for making new connections on the social network. Some LinkedIn members follow the practice of only make connections with people they know well. Putting such a limitation on your network connections will only limit your opportunities on LinkedIn in the long run.

LinkedIn does not allow you to ask for connections with just anyone and you must stay within the rules established by the network. Putting in the time and effort to take part in group discussions and answer questions related to your industry will compel others to want to make a connection with you. Be willing to accept the connection requests resulting from group related engagement. Using LinkedIn as a tool of introduction in this manner will expand your personal network and can only offer greater opportunity in the future.

Being more open to making connections on LinkedIn will also bring more visitors to your website. Every time you make status updates your connections see it on their homepage. It naturally follows - more connections means increased visibility for your company website. The more 1st degree connections you have, your 2nd and 3rd degree network grows exponentially, increasing visibility further. Your influence and leadership within your niche is established as you showcase your knowledge and expertise to an ever-growing number of people whom are your connections. You will in turn receive more recommendations and referrals as a result of a greater pool of connections on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of all the possibilities for growth presented by LinkedIn and open up your network to connection with more people.

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