Monday, May 14, 2012

LinkedIn Techniques For Business - Part 1

Social network LinkedIn's main purpose is to enable professionals to easily interact with their peers. LinkedIn, even more than other social channels, is not a format for hard selling. On LinkedIn company marketing must be much more subtle and indirect. In this four part series we will look at some effective techniques for marketing on LinkedIn.

Have A Complete Company Profile

This may seem obvious, but there are many incomplete company profiles on LinkedIn. A company profile is the place provided by LinkedIn for open promotion of your company.  Take full advantage of it and use your company profile for business-related postings. Provide a link to your company's website. Post news about products and promotions on the profile, as well as link new and interesting videos or images about your company. Actively promote discussion and feedback, using the likes, comments and shares to tweak your content and gain marketing insight.  Also be sure to include an accurate company description, number of employees, locations and your industry.

Present your company properly by making sure that your profile is complete and that it thoroughly represents your business. A properly completed profile helps you gain the trust of others. Give your connections an alternate way of getting in touch with you by providing them your email address in your profile. This way they can still contact you directly, even if they don't intend on visiting your website and don't want to hunt around for contact information.

Here are some other features of a complete company Profile:

- Company logo

- Company blog feed

- Company overview containing industry keyword enhanced text

The whole premise of LinkedIn is the interaction between professionals, and the company profile is designed specifically for the self-promotion of your company. Make sure your profile is working effectively for you and your business by filling it out fully and completely.
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