Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OnFast's New Features: New Internal Look, Facebook Album Post, Editable Posts, Save as Template

OnFast is excited to present our new internal features this week, including a new internal look, save as draft and template options for posting, Facebook album posting, and much more!

On login, you will probably notice our new buttons and table changes.  At OnFast, one of our top priorities is user experience.  We hope that the new buttons and tables will improve both aesthetics and usability.

Also new this week is the ability to post larger photos on Facebook, and have them added to an album.  Previously, we had limited the size of the photos posted through OnFast to a maximum of 300px width.  We are happy to report that we have upped that to the Facebook maximum of 960px.  You don't have to change anything; the photos are updated automatically.  Also, the photos are now posted to an album created specifically for our app (now called OnFast Photos).

When scrolling through your social feeds, we now provide a social "profile panel" that opens to the right of the feed when you click on a friend, follower, or page.  Here you will find information about that user or page, including an about me section, links, friend or follower count, as well as a link to their social network profile.

For your posting ease, we now also provide options such as editing or deleting future social network, blog posts and coupons.  These options can be found by clicking the type of post from the Home screen. This will take you to a list of your current and scheduled posts, where you can either view them in a popup window, edit them, or delete them (if they haven't been posted yet).  For coupons, you can edit or delete them as long as they are not past the expiration date.

Finally, we now provide the option to save your social network posts, blog posts and press releases as either drafts or template for future use.

Be sure to login this week and check out our new features!

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