Thursday, May 17, 2012

Social Posts Made Easy With OnFast

Once you have at least one of your social networks linked to OnFast, begin posting by clicking the Social Post box on the left side of the page. Type your message in the message box provided where it says, "Please enter your message below". The keyword strength meter below the message box, measures the effectiveness of search engine optimized keyword usage in your post. It matches your words against the top 100 Google keywords for your industry. There is also a box to shorten and attach a URL to your message.

You can decide whether to post now or schedule the post in the future. If desired, select a future date and time for posting from the drop down boxes that are activated when "Post Message In the Future" is clicked.  A list of your social networks is provided to the right. Select the networks you want to post to, and then click the post button to send your message.

Buttons are also provided to save the message as either an unfinished work in progress by clicking "Save as Draft" or a completed message to be saved as a template for future use by clicking "Save as Template".

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