Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blogger Tips For Business - Have A Strategy

A lack of planning, followed by neglect, usually spells the failure of numerous company blogs. The blogs are begun with the best of intentions, but are doomed from the start since there isn't any plan made for the blog to follow a clear strategy. For your company's blog to have long-term success and impact, there are a few things that must be determined and planned out:

Who Is Your Audience? - Chances are your audience will be your company's current clients and customers, at least in the beginning. Eventually people will be led to your blog from sources other than your website. The blog must always be written with its audience in mind. What is most important and interesting to them? What information do they need? A little empathy in the planning stages of the blog will go a long way in making it successful.

Who Will Write The Blog? - It doesn't matter if the blog is a solo project or is to be written by more than one person in the company. What is important is that the blog is assigned to a person or individuals who will post on a regular basis. Your organization most likely has a variety of people with different business talents. You could have people write about their specialties and spread the blog workload around. Another strategy is to assign the blog to one or two people who can write all the posts. Either way, the key is for the blog to be updated consistently.

What Will The Blog Be About? - It is imperative that you plan topics and subjects well in advance. Come up with a few ideas that will get the ball rolling and add to the list as you brainstorm more titles. If you come up with a whole blog series, make sure to schedule them on the same day each progressive week. Content must not appear as just random thoughts on topics, but rather as an overarching plan that tells your company's story.

Without a plan and strategy for your company blog it will end up being updated only sporadically. The company voice will also appear incoherent due to a lack of organization.

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