Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Meaning Of Facebook Timeline For Your Brand - Part 1

 The recent roll out of the new Facebook Timeline has many people and companies worried. The reason for all the apprehension and distress over a simple format switch is simple - people fear change. Facebook over the last several years has grown to become a part of the everyday lives of both individuals and organizations. People are afraid of something they interact with so intimately on a daily basis changing so strikingly.

From a brand perspective, the Timeline is a game-changer. If the old format was working effectively for your business, some of these changes are probably worrying to you, but they shouldn't be. If leveraged properly, the switch over presents new opportunities for companies and their use of Facebook for social media marketing. Over the course of three blogs we will look at some specific changes to Facebook pages and how the changes can be embraced by your brand and turned to your company's advantage.

The most noticeable change visually to come with the Timeline is the cover photo - a large attention-grabbing picture at the top of the page. This splashy photo can be used to convey whatever positive impression you want page visitors to take away. The cover image should not contain any advertising information on it. Facebook does not allow any type of call to action, including even a phone number or website, to be part of the cover photo. This applies only to the cover, not the rest of your page.

You can use the cover photo to showcase your company's products or services in unique, even artistic and unforgettable ways. Just because it does not contain direct advertising, doesn't mean it can't present a marketing image your Timeline visitors will find memorable. This is a place to be creative and take full advantage of the large image space offered. Check your cover photo to make sure it is cropped to the proper size; Facebook allows this to be done easily. All other images that you share on your company Timeline are larger than the old format, increasing their impact as well.

The new Timeline is much more visually oriented. Be sure to get the maximum leverage out of this new format by making your Timeline appealing to the eye.

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