Monday, March 26, 2012

Developing A Social Media Strategy - Identifying Company Niche And How Social Media Fits In

The time when a company is about to begin planning their strategy to utilize social media to further their marketing efforts is an opportune time for some reflection. Unless the company is a startup, the business already has marketing operations in place and ongoing. Social media must be implemented as a component of the company's overall marketing campaigns. Before getting started, ask and seek the answers to a few essential questions.

First of all just what is the company's niche? Maybe this question has not been asked in awhile. What products and/or services does your company offer and to whom? What is your current strategy for business? Who is the company trying to reach and market to currently? Getting a handle on where your business is now is crucial in determining where you would like the company to go with social media.

Are you trying to sell a product over social media? Possibly the business is centered on customer service and social media could serve as a powerful tool to make that job easier. Maybe the company is seeking talent and will primarily use social to reach potential employees. It must be determined just how social media will fit in with the business and help provide solutions to the company's marketing equation.

Before jumping into a social media marketing campaign, a little self-examination may be in order. A look in the mirror will be truly beneficial by ensuring your company's social media efforts produce the desired results.

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