Friday, March 2, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 3/2/12

Useful Social Media: American Express, Whole Foods Market, Dell, Gap And Boeing Among 25 More Corporate Industry Leaders Meeting To Debate Social Media Marketing's Worth

It was announced this week by the business intelligence company, Useful Social Media, that over 25 leading national corporate brands will be gathering for two days in June to discuss social media and its impact on corporate business. Useful Social Media reports that in a recent survey they conducted 64% of companies plan on increasing their social media budgets during 2012. Full Story Here 

LinkedIn Rolls Out "Follow Company" Button

LinkedIn launched its new "Follow Company" button option for companies to add on their own websites. This button gives businesses an easy way to have their customers, prospective employees or clients follow them on LinkedIn. Full Story Here

Report: Nearly 2 Billion People To Use Social By 2014

The user base of social media globally will reach 2 billion people by 2014 according to a study by eMarketer. The figure was determined by analyzing current numbers and the rate of growth. The current growth of social media around the world illustrates the value of social media marketing for businesses. Full Story Here:

Beyond The 'Like': How Social Media Is Growing Up For Brands

Facebook is announcing the roll out of its Timeline feature for brands. Also, Facebook will be giving people the opportunity to fine tune their "Like" button with Facebook Gestures. This feature will give users more options than just "Like". Twitter has begun to offer customized profile pages with Twitter pages for brands. Full Story Here

IBM Launches Global Boot Camps To Help Small And Midsize Businesses Build Social Media Skills

IBM has announced they're making available to their business partners around the globe a series of eight-week social media boot camps. The training is designed with a curriculum that will enable partners to become more effective in their use of social media to connect with clients and customers. Full Story Here

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