Monday, March 19, 2012

Importance Of Developing A Social Media Strategy

The topic of whether a business should be using social media to further their marketing efforts is no longer in doubt. Clearly, social media is a necessary and vital component of any comprehensive marketing plan. But, what is the right way to go about it. The shortsighted strategy many businesses follow is to set up accounts and company pages on popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While it is commendable that those companies have adopted and integrated social media into their marketing campaigns, their efforts will be much more effective if a formal plan is created and implemented.

This blog is the first of a series covering the development of strategies for launching a marketing campaign that utilizes social media in coordination with the company's overall plan to accomplish its goals. Future posts will be released on Mondays and will include these topics:

1 - Who Are You? - Clearly identify what your company's niche is and how social media fits into the big picture for your business.

2 - Who Your Audience Is - Determine whom you are trying to reach with social media.

3 - What You Hope To Accomplish Using Social Media - What are your goals and objectives for your company's social media marketing efforts?

4 - How Will You Accomplish Your Goals? - Determining what platforms and methods fit your company the best.

5 - What Do You Have To Say? - Developing content for your social media presence.

6 - Talking With Your Audience - Engaging your company with its fans and followers.

7 - Has It Helped? - Analyzing your efforts to determine if they have been successful.

I hope this series of blog posts will help business owners and companies get the most out of using social media networks for marketing.

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