Friday, March 16, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 3/16/12

Five Things To Take Away From This Year's SXSW

The annual South by Southwest Interactive was held in Austin, TX this past week. The conference was attended by social media and tech insiders, and featured a collection of small startup companies alongside big brands. Highlights this year included passive-location apps like Glancee. This was the 20th anniversary of SXSW. Full Story Here:

Does Social Media Affect How You Spend Money? You Betcha

People are becoming increasingly indifferent to traditional marketing methods and advertising. Individuals' social media circles are having a markedly greater influence on their purchasing decisions, particularly among younger people. Consumers are more likely to trust the opinion of their friends on social media networks than a commercial. Full Story Here:

How Hotels, Restaurants And Other Firms Handle Social Media Image

The story this past week of an 85-year-old woman's viral review of an Olive Garden restaurant, has shined a light on a much deeper issue. That is, how hotels and restaurants should respond to social media conversations about their brands. Marilyn Hagerty's favorable review stirred controversy among the food critic elite and propelled her into a national media sensation. Full Story Here:

Law Firms Get Into The Social Media Game

Law firms are now getting on board with social media after years of avoiding those marketing platforms. A recent legal industry survey reports that 20 percent of law firms now have social media specialists on full-time staff. The same survey went on to say that 40 percent of these same firms are now blogging and have social media efforts underway. Full Story Here:

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