Thursday, March 15, 2012

Attributes of a Successful Blogger

With the competition closely on their heels, more and more business people feel the obligation to hype their business virtues using the new social media medium.  Once the decision to join the Blogosphere is made, most new comers immediately encounter the stress and angst to produce quality content quickly. Please read on.

It's not uncommon for competent business professionals to freeze at the keyboard. Frankly, writing an effective blog takes skill, practice, and a love for writing.  All of these skills can be learned and mastered. 

Although the resistance to writing can seem almost insurmountable at times, writing passionately about the business you know is not difficult. Your desire to compete and succeed should give you cause and motivation to overcome the reluctance to master the task at hand. If you are still unsure about your writing skills visit
In thinking through what it actually takes to post successful blog entries, I've come up with a short list of things you should to consider and some helpful hints to deal with worries.

First, and Most Important, Know your Grammar and Spelling

It is dreadfully difficult to read a blog that isn't accurate and meticulous about proper spelling and grammar. Always run a grammar and spelling check on your text. Avoid redundancy and rhetoric. Develop an easy to follow conversational model intended for your average reader. Avoid clich?s
Make the Commitment

You must work to keep the content current and timely. Commit to a regular schedule of 2 to 3 minimum posts a week. Allocate a block of time once a week to write your entire compilation of up coming posts in advance. Set up a themed release schedule. For example: "How-to" posts on Mondays, Product over-views on Wednesdays, and general topics on Fridays. Be efficient with you time; stay focused, and complete what ever you start.

Develop a habit of saving and bookmarking interesting material for later reference. Create Google alerts for material that will provide content for your blog. In addition, find similar topic blogs for a reference and directions to what's going on in your world. Repost links with the proper attribution to other interesting material you have come across.
Above all, be an Enthusiastic Communicator

Be positive, engaging, pleasant, and helpful. When composing content, tweak you're upbeat message with the determination of becoming one of the most interesting and captivating blog sites around.

Sincere communication is not only good for the blogger but also for the reader. The intent of a successful blogger is to engage the audience and invite commentary. Replying to each comment is especially important. If you lose your attention, passion, and enthusiasm and you will lose your readers.

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