Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3 Things to keep in mind if You are going to play the social media game.

Have a clear goal

Just why are you blogging and how are you using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

When you take away the chaff, there are just three reasons to devote time to social media:
  •     Increase brand awareness by expanding your social reach
  •     Build customer loyalty by posting valuable information
  •     Increase sales by subtly convincing people to purchase your products and services

Having a clear and concise goal will give you the appearance of a seasoned professional. You are only wasting your reader's time and your own precious resources if you have no clear objective.

Create Value

Getting fans and followers is not the end goal in itself. It is much wiser to use commentary and content to create the motivation for people to frequent your site. You must provide interesting, timely, and relevant posts that are useful to your readers. Supplement your content with videos, and pictures. Post useful links to other worthwhile sites and articles. Also, consider doing interviews with other recognized and accomplished individuals in your industry.

Once you have real traffic to your social site, the fans and followers will follow. The real satisfaction will come when another site re-posts some of your material or a reader in your audience engages you in a two-way conversation. At this point, it is safe to say your material is appealing to your target audience.

Be Relevant

The site with the most fans or followers is not necessarily the winner. Trying to keep up with the numbers game is futile. A smaller but active community of fans and followers is by far a more valuable resource and more likely to produce results.

If you're committed to the effort of developing a successful social media presence, then make sure you prioritize the right things. Research your competition and other blogs sites to see what is the current hot topic.

Conversely, what's not being said is important too. Try to determine if novel, untapped opportunities exist for you to seize upon. Ask yourself if there is material or subject matter that compliments your industry. This may be your opportunity to establish yourself as a leader and trailblazer.

In Summary, have a goal, create value, and be relevant, and above all use OnFast to make your social media posting easy.

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