Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If You Plan to Blog About Someone Read This.

When writing a Blog post about someone or a business your intent should be altruistic. Using referrals and testimonials effectively wins friends and customers. People like to give their opinion and usually they are willing to help your cause.

Here are a few basics to follow to keep your efforts on the right track:

Never reveal private or confidential information about a person or business. Always get consent from all businesses or individuals you plan to cover in your blog. It's a good practice to review your material with your subject before you release your post for the whole world to see. If your material is sensitive or objectionable, change it so as not to offend your subject.

Should you publish something inadvertently and it turns out erroneous, immediately publish a clear and concise correction. Take responsibility and admit your mistake without making excuses and offer your apologies at the earliest available opportunity.

Your readers will forgive an infrequent mistake and see you as an individual of integrity. Your honesty will attract more loyal readers.

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