Friday, March 9, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 3/9/12

American Express Incentives To Push Deals On Twitter

Credit card issuer American Express announced a new rewards program for customers to link their credit card to their Twitter account. In return for linking their accounts, customers will receive credits applied to their monthly statements when they Tweet participating retailers offers. Customers need to use special Twitter hashtags that are from each retailer's specific offer. Full Story Here:

Red Cross Unveils Social Media Monitoring Operation

The Red Cross unveiled its new Digital Operations Center designed to monitor and analyze data from social networking sites and blogs to pinpoint where relief is most needed during and after disasters. This will enhance the organization's ability to know what is happening in real time and anticipate trends. Individuals that are affected will be connected with needed resources more efficiently as well. Full Story Here:

Twitter's Rate Of Growth In U.S. Outpacing That Of Facebook

A new report states that Twitter's rate of growth in the U.S. is accelerating while Facebook's is slowing down. Facebook's membership grew by 13.4 % during 2011. This was a 25 % decrease from the previous year. Meanwhile Twitter experienced 31.9 % growth over 2011, up 8 points from 2010. Full Story Here:

Used Properly, Social Media Outlets Can Drum Up New Clients

Lawyers are discovering they can gain new clients using social media networks. LinkedIn, the network geared to professionals, is the platform lawyers are utilizing to turn their contacts into new clients. Full Story Here:

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