Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Overview of Social Media Coupons

The Typical Coupon Deal

Basically, anyone can sign up to participate in the coupon email distribution service.  On a daily basis, discounted deals based on preferences are e-mailed to users within a local area. Users can choose to "click-to-buy" and print their coupon. Once the deal is purchased, the confirmed coupon can be used at the participating merchant for a variety of products and services. Coupons for restaurants are the most popular.
The coupon distribution services make their money by charging the merchant a fee based on the discount once a coupon is purchased.
Most coupon distribution services use a variation of one of the two following transaction formats:

In the first format, some social media coupon companies have services that e-mail a daily deal that requires a certain number of people to buy before reaching its "tipping point."  If the required number of takers is not met the discounted deal falls through and no one gets the coupon.

The second format has no "tipping point" and offers the deal free to the initial user if three additional people buy the deal using the purchasing user's unique link.
Social media coupon distribution services increase their reach and popularity by relying on customers sharing the deal with friends on Facebook, Twitter or through forwarded e-mails.

 The Service Difference

For merchants wishing to use social coupons it's key to contrast the services described above with There is a significant difference.  OnFast does not collect money from the consumer nor charge fees based on the value of the coupon. Merchants who use OnFast can allow their customers to print the coupon without making a payment and then use it at the merchant business.  The financial transaction is between the consumer and the merchant. Merchants build brand recognition and awareness through social channel referrals. OnFast charges the merchant a low monthly fee to distribute coupons via social media channels. Clearly, OnFast offers the merchant a predictable cost structure that is easy to budget.

Merchants should visit for a free trial. Within minutes, merchants can upload logos, product pictures, and create coupons. OnFast is one of the lowest cost advertising solutions engaging social media users and producing measurable results for businesses.

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