Friday, March 23, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 3/23/12

Google Analytics Launches Social Reports Tool

Google is now offering the owners of websites a new tool to help them more accurately measure the value of their social network channels. This tool from Google Analytics with such features as an "Overview Report" will give users the ability to clearly see how their social sites affect their conversion rate and ultimately ROI. See Full Story Here: 

Adobe Study Shows Social Media Impact Undervalued By Nearly 100 Percent

A recent survey by Adobe Systems Incorporated has found that the impact of social media is undervalued by nearly 100 percent. This is the second time the company conducted its Adobe Digital Index Report. The report analyzed over 1.7 billion visits across 225 different U.S. company websites and found that marketers grossly underestimate the value of social traffic. See Full Story Here:

How Social Media Is Influencing Our Buying Habits

Social media is playing an expanding role in the shopping and buying decisions consumers are making. Retailers used to advertise in local newspapers, which are becoming a dying breed. Now people buy things that are recommended to them by friends on social media or they read about in blogs. Read Full Story Here:

More Business Owners Relying On Social Media

Citibank conducted a survey that found 41 percent of business owners are now using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for marketing campaigns. The survey also found that 40 percent of all businesses plan to continue their social media efforts. Among other findings, Citibank found only 38 percent of companies use email marketing. Full Story Here: 

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