Monday, March 5, 2012

Twitter And What It Can Do For Your Business

Twitter is a social network for the sharing of information that is used by millions of people, businesses and organizations. Twitter users subscribe to the messages of other users that are relevant to them or they are interested in. Subscribing makes them followers of those messages. Using messages limited to 140 characters, Twitter users can write, share and read messages of everyone in their network of followers, along with those they follow.

The fact that the messaging is all in real time makes Twitter a valuable resource for businesses to get marketing messages out to a large, built in audience instantaneously. People that are followers of your business have already shown an interest in the  company's products or services. A business can build a loyal customer base that can grow quickly, by way of Twitter followers sharing information in their network, through Retweets. Ongoing conversations on Twitter, about your business, can help establish relationships with people that care about the company. With the ever growing use of mobile devices, your company marketing messages are accessible by your customers anywhere.

Twitter offers businesses an opportunity to directly engage their customers on a regular,  ongoing basis with messages that are both timely and targeted. Customers can give direct feedback to your company, giving you insights and marketing intelligence data quickly. Twitter can be a viable tool to rapidly gain brand awareness of your business or product, and nurture real connections with customers of your company.
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