Monday, March 12, 2012

Customer Engagement On Twitter

It may appear to the casual observer that Twitter, with its limitation of 140 characters per message, would be a difficult platform for a business to market itself.

Recently, in a conversation, with a local area businessman the question of just how do you get a message across in such a limited space came up. This is a rather typical concern and it's not the first time we have encountered this issue.

Even with the 140-character barrier, Twitter with 500 million users presents a huge opportunity for a company to broadcast their marketing message to an ever-growing targeted segment of users. The vastness of this audience can't be ignored any longer by businesses wishing to grow.
Most likely you do not intend to reach all 500 million Twitter users.  But, the stakes are high and the rewards are worthwhile to reach the ones that are your genuine prospects. So, be succinct and to-the-point. Consider crafting your message to be just a lure to the bigger picture on your website.
In short, with a little planning, practice, and forethought the 140-character message limitation, unique to Twitter, is workable. 

The key to success for a business attempting to further their marketing efforts on Twitter is customer engagement. True engagement with customers is very important for companies on other social networks like Facebook, but on Twitter it is vital. One can easily see that Twitter represents the "sound bite" world that we live in today with its fast paced lifestyle.

Impulsive Twitter users expect to have their attention held, or they will quickly move on. Old fashioned marketing techniques and lengthy sales pitches will not work on Twitter. For those just starting out, the following posting tips will assist you to engage in meaningful conversations that will help shape your company's identity on Twitter.

Make It Timely -

No other social network exists and lives in the present tense like Twitter does. Make your posts timely and current. Tell your audience what is currently going on with your business and why it matters to them. Keep posts about yesterday or tomorrow to a minimum.

Make It Exclusive -

Twitter users like to feel that they are in on something special and limited to them. If you are going to use Twitter for promotions, tap into the feeling of exclusivity. For example, offer your specials, sales, or coupons only to your Twitter followers.

Make It a Conversation -

This is the most important point to remember regarding Twitter. Remember, Its just people talking. Be human and conversational with your Twitter followers. If they perceive your posts to be coming from some impersonal entity they won't be your followers for long.

To summarize, if your business has not joined the conversation on Twitter, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to become part of an continually expanding virtual social community.

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