Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turning LinkedIn Connections Into Customers

LinkedIn can be an effective tool in growing your business, but the methodology of accomplishing this goal is much more subtle than on some other social networks. Since the purpose of LinkedIn is to serve as a professional network and not as a format for the hard sell, the approach to marketing your company on LinkedIn needs to be more indirect.

Don't forget you're on LinkedIn to help people. Selling is not the purpose behind LinkedIn. Connecting with others through group discussions, interacting with questions and answers, and joining in with groups of fellow professionals that have similar interests is the purpose of the network. Be willing and available to help others with answers to their questions. Assist people in your network by providing advice for those whose career path may be at an earlier stage than your own. Give guidance, when asked, to the less experienced in your field or area of expertise.

Anybody you help can become a client or customer in the future. If you present yourself as an expert in your industry, your connections and their connections may turn to your company when they are in the market for what you do. By proving you are a knowledgeable authority in your company's industry, you will come across as a helpful friend rather than a salesman.

The Company Profile is the place provided by LinkedIn for open promotion of your company. Use your Company Profile for postings about your business. Post news about products and promotions on the profile, linking videos or images about everything new about your company as well. Actively promote discussion and feedback, using the likes, comments and shares to tweak your content and gain marketing insight.

Although not the place for direct selling, LinkedIn offers a wealth of opportunity for your company. Those who use their expertise and experience to creatively show their business in a good light can leverage customers from among their connections on LinkedIn.

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